“You Get What You Pay For”

Professional Hot Water Extraction is required for an ultimate deep cleaning. Carpet manufacturers recommend this method over any other. However, choosing an uninformed, uneducated and unscrupulous carpet cleaning company could actually damage your carpet. To see how carpet manufacturers feel, see this link.

Only hire an experienced company with an excellent reputation because it ensures knowledge and competency. Choose a company who stands behind their work with a Money Back Guarantee. You don’t want to hire a carpet cleaning firm without a warranty, have problems and then not be able to get them to do something about it.

With Spurling’s Carpet Cleaning you’ll get “Thee Longest-Lasting Clean” because of our advanced cleaning systems and trained technicians

Our Carpet Cleaners Clean Until They Can’t Get Your Carpet and Rugs Any Cleaner! No spot is left without at least 2 attempts at treatment.

Our Advanced Carpet Cleaning System

Step 1) Pre-Inspect

The carpet cleaner inspects all areas and rooms to be cleaned.  Measurements are taken to calculate the actual cleaning investment cost. Questions and concerns are addressed with honest answers.

Step 2) Move Furniture

Furniture is carefully moved to access the space under it, the floor is cleaned and then it’s put back where it was before the cleaning with protective blocks or tabs under each leg to guard against rust or stain transfer onto the damp carpet. We clean around heavy, breakable, unstable or bulky furniture and don’t charge for the space under this furniture.

For bedrooms, we clean the open areas around beds and dressers. We will move beds on wheels per special request along with night stands. For cleaning carpet under beds that are on a solid frame, if just the boxspring and mattress are removed prior to the cleaning, we can clean right inside the bed frame. Under dressers can also be cleaned if the surface is cleared and the contents of drawers are removed or drawers are taken out and placed in another area not being cleaned. This makes dressers lighter to slide around and helps prevent stress cracks as they are not meant to be moved with contents in them.

Step 3) Vacuum

Carpet StepWe use a commercial top-of-line vacuum to remove more dry soil than any household vacuum is capable of before the cleaning begins. (This step is always skipped by the cheap carpet cleaners to reduce time even though it is a basic cleaning step and REQUIRED to remove maximum soil).  You may not see the dry soil, but it is trapped under the surface.

Step 4) Pre-Spot

Spots, especially protein based stains, are treated before using the hot water. (Uneducated cleaners don’t know heat may set-in a protein stain, making it nearly impossible to remove). We stock our trucks with several kinds of spotting removing solutions.

Step 5) Pre-Condition

Carpet Step 5A pre-conditioner is applied to all areas to break down traffic area soil and general spots for a more thorough cleaning.


Step 6) Agitate

Carpet Step 6The carpet is then gently scrubbed using a professional grooming brush to loosen embedded soil and spots which is an important step in a proper and complete cleaning (most other cleaners just spray & extract without the agitation, which only works on the surface of the carpet).

Step 7) Rinse and Extract

Without over-wetting or leaving behind a soil attracting residue, hot 210 degree water heated from the van is used to rinse and extract which also disinfects, killing germs and bacteria (not all cleaners use hot water or as get it as hot as we get it which is important). Ultimately, carpets stay clean longer (so many other companies use way too much cleaning product that leaves a residue. This residue acts just like a magnet attracting soil back onto the carpet fairly quickly so you will see spots return) Our process gives you THEE LONGEST-LASTING CLEAN.

Step 8) Repeat

Carpet Step 8Any area(s) needing extra attention, such as kid zones, pet zones, in front of sofas chairs or doorways, will get extra cleaning using all necessary steps and treatments. We’re not done until your carpet can’t get any cleaner!

Step 8.5) Protect (optional):

A ‘green’ (safe, non-toxic) protective coating is evenly sprayed onto the carpet then brushed in so it coats all sides of the fibers.

Step 9) Groom

Carpet Step 9A professional carpet grooming brush is used to help lift the fibers, help the carpet dry faster by allowing air to flow between fibers. Matted carpet takes longer to dry.  This is another commonly skipped step by other cleaners because it takes extra time.

Step 10) Speed Dry

Carpet Step 10To further decrease drying time, we will place turbo carpet dryer(s) on the floor while we are cleaning and move it room by room to help speed dry them. Average drying time is between 4 -24 hours depending on several vairables such the type of carpet, its density, the amount of funiture in a room and the weather outside (rain and humidity can increase drying time so always keep windows and doors closed during these times). Air movement is the biggest factor in reducing the drying time! Run as many fans throughout the house to keep the air moving until its completely dry.

Step 11) Final Inspection

Carpet Step 11The technician will have you inspect the results to make sure everything looks good before we leave your home.

You will receive a pair of shoe covers to wear over your shoes to help keep the carpet clean until it completely dries. Or wearing house slippers is ok too.


If you’re not delighted with the service experience you received, call us within 30 days of the cleaning and allow us another chance to make it right. If you’re still unimpressed with our efforts, you owe us nothing and we’ll honor a refund for the situation we were called to address.

NOTE: All pet related issues are excluded from ALL of our guarantees.


No Reappearing Spot GUARANTEE

If any spots we removed during the cleaning reappear (usually during dry time), we’ll gladly come back once within 30 days of the cleaning at NO CHARGE. All pet related issues are excluded in this guarantee.

Carpet Protector (we use Green Guard)

Carpet manufacturers recommend having a protective coating applied after a professional cleaning every 12 – 24 months depending on the number of residents and the amount of activity in your home. All carpet is made with some amount of stain resistance. However, over time it wears away similar to wax on a car. Noticeable wear patterns and more permanent stains will begin to show the longer the carpet goes without protection.

Benefits of Protector

1. Helps maintain the beauty and saves moneySpots & spills are more easily removed with properly applied proctor. (Not all cleaners know what they are doing and can over apply making the carpet way too stiff). Most spots are cleaned up with plain water without the cost of a service charge from a professional, saving you money. Ask the technician about purchasing one of our professional spotters for more challenging spots.

2.  Helps save traffic zones from damage: traffic lane soil is very abrasive and scratches carpet yarns similar to sandpaper. Unprotected carpet bonds with dry soil, scratching it, creating a dull greyish appearance. Protected carpet allows the release of dry soil making your vacuuming more effective.

3.  Professional cleanings are more effective: Protector allows soil, oil and spots to be released much easier which makes your professional cleaning’s significantly better because we will be able to extract more.


Due to the damaging chemistry nature of certain stains to change dye structure, the protector guarantee excludes: pet issues (urine, vomit, blood, feces), inks, dyes (candle, food, haircoloring), bleach or any bleaching product (cosmetics or acne treatment products), discolorations or color loss, furniture staining products, paint, and rust.