Some Spots Become Permanent Stains

stain removal by Spurling's Carpet CleaningThere are so many different situations beyond our control that can cause a spot to become a permanent stain.

Most Common Reasons:

  • Treating a spot or spill with common household cleaners or some special remedy found on the Internet. Often, the chemistry between the two react negatively and can set the spot in, creating a permanent stain. Also if left without a thorough rinsing, the residue continues to work on the spot causing permanent discoloration damage. This discoloration can be a bleaching effect where color is stripped away or a dying affect, where the color is altered a little or a lot. Residue left behind also attracts layers of soil like a magnet, hiding the stain over time until it’s revealed with the next cleaning and thought to be a new spot or stain.
  • Pet urine is extremely damaging to fabrics and fibers. If left without proper treatment permanent staining may occur.
  • Over wetting carpet down to the backing can cause the carpet backing color to bleed up to the carpet fiber tips creating a yellowish-brownish coloring. This can happen:

– Soaking an area too deeply when treating a spot .

– From hiring an uneducated, inexperienced “so called” professional cleaner who soaks the carpet too deeply and doesn’t extract enough back out.

– By doing it yourself with rental equipment.

  • Sun fading happens from prolonged exposure to UV rays. The color is faded and is permanent unless dyed.


We can’t guarantee every single stain will come out because there are so many different variables beyond our control that can cause a stain to be permanent. No two situations are the same.  Sometimes spots we didn’t think would come out, do come out. The only way to know for sure is to perform our cleaning. We can’t look at something and say for sure what the results will be.

Spots We’ve Been Successful at Removing

IF the spot is removable, We will get it out!

  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Nail polish
  • Lipstick
  • Koolaid
  • Plant Stains
  • Coke
  • Juice
  • Milk
  • Grease
  • Paint
  • Tar
  • Rust (a slight chance of removal, very difficult to remove)
  • Furniture Stain (slight chance of removal, also very difficult to remove)
Spot Stain Page Photo
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NO Reappearing Spots GUARANTEED

If a spot that we removed during our cleaning happens to pop back up, we’ll come back once within 30 days of your cleaning to remove it for Free. Just give us a call and we’ll schedule a time to return. 30 days is a very long time for spots to reappear. In most cases spots wick back during the drying time in the 1st 24 hours or shortly there after. No other cleaning company, that we’re aware of, offers this length of time or warranty, so we feel 30 days is more than fair.

NOTE: Pet releated spots (urine, blood, feces, vomit) are excluded and not guaranteed. So we won’t come back to treat them under our guarantee. But we would be happy to come back if you choose to hire us again to make another attempt. Also any spots that did not come out during the initial cleaning are not guaranteed as those are most likely permanent stains or carpet wear/damage that looks like dirt. These won’t come out no matter how much they are cleaned.

Permanent Stain Defense

Almost all carpet is manufactured with some level of a stain resistance. The resistance slowly wears away as the years go by, depending on the traffic in your home, usually within 12 – 24 months, from foot traffic and/or using an uneducated cleaner. This allows carpet fibers and upholstery fabric to become vulnerable to permanent staining. Protector shields fabrics and fibers so it’s difficult for spots to make a bond creating a permanent stain.

Benefits of Protector
(we use Green Guard)

Manufacturers recommend having a protective coating applied after a professional cleaning every 12 – 24 months depending on the number of residents and the amount of activity in your home. 

1. Helps keep it beautiful, reduces permanent stains saving you money: An application of protector applied properly will allow spots and spills to be removed more effectively than without protector. Protected carpet and upholstery releases most spots with just plain water. If you remove the spot yourself, you save money on a minimum service charge if we come out to remove it for you.
2. Helps save traffic zones from damage: traffic lane soil is very abrasive and scratches carpet yarns similar to sandpaper. Unprotected carpet bonds with dry soil, scratching it, creating a dull greyish appearance. Protected carpet allows the release of dry soil making your vacuuming more effective.
3. Helps save upholstery from wear patterns: everyday rubbing and friction with your unprotected upholstery allows dry soil bonding, scratching it, and producing a dull greyish worn out appearance over time.  Oils from your body transfer to the furniture, stick to it and builds up.  Protected upholstery allows the release of dry soil and oils making your vacuuming and spot cleanings more effective.
4. Professional cleanings are more effective: Protector allows soil, oil and spots to be released much easier which makes your professional cleaning’s significantly better because we will be able to extract more.


Due to the damaging chemistry nature of certain stains to change the dye structure, the protector guarantee excludes: pet related spots (urine, blood, feces, vomit) inks, dyes (candle, food, haircoloring), bleach or any bleaching product (cosmetics or acne treatment products), discolorations or color loss, furniture staining products, paint, and rust.