You’ll Get Sparkling Clean Tile Floors!

Stop scrubbing on your hands and knees for days trying to remove that black grime build-up in the grout lines.  Our advanced tile cleaning system flushes out dirt, oils, grime and other debris, leaving a beautiful and healthy clean tile floor again!

Our Advanced Tile Cleaning System

Our Hot Rotary water action combined with High pressure and high quality cleaning products flushes out the toughest grease and soil build-up on tile and grout.

Step 1 – Pre-inspection: All questions and concerns will be addressed with honest answers. All areas will be measured and checked for damaged or loose tiles or grout.

Step 2 Sweep to remove all loose debris and dry soil in the area to be cleaned.

Step 3 – Apply cleaning solution.

Step 4 – Agitate cleaning solution to help loosen soil for better extraction.

Step 5 – Pressure wash with a rotary floor machine using very hot and high pressure water from truck mounted cleaning equipment.

Step 6 – Pressure wash with special grout tool using very hot and high pressure water

Step 7 – Inspect results.

Step 8 – Repeat steps 3-7 if necessary for maximum soil removal.

Step 9 – Wipe floor dry with towels.

Step 10 (optional but recommended) Apply commercial Clear or Color sealant to protect grout.  See info below.

Step 11 – Inspect with customer to discuss results and after care recommendations.

Cleaned Beige Ceramic Tile Hall

Grout Sealant

Most grout is porous and if it’s not properly sealed, dry dirt, debris and oils will penetrate the surface and begin breaking down the grout, eventually causing cracking and crumbling. Ugly spot staining from spills may also occur.

Regular cleanings won’t penetrate the surface of grout to remove soil and stains, so it’s very important to maintain coverage with a quality commercial sealant on the grout to help prevent problems.

Most people don’t know that older ceramic tile flooring was installed without a grout sealant. It was not common for the installer to apply grout sealant years ago. It’s not recommended to apply sealant on ceramic tile as they aren’t porous. So if your ceramic floors are older than 5 years, and possibly newer, you may not have any sealant on the grout and it may deteriorate much quicker. It’s not obvious to determine if grout sealant was applied, especially if it’s worn off. So if you don’t know who installed your flooring, it’s probably in your best interest to get them cleaned and sealed as tile can be significantly more costly to replace by a good installer.

Sealant wears off over time similar to wax on a car, so floors need regular re-applications of sealant to maintain the best protection and beautiful floors. The time between re-applications is different for every home depending on how busy a home is with kids and pets, how often cleanings are done and the chemistry of a floor cleaner also makes a difference. Some floor cleaners can be very harsh and abrasive on grout sealant.


1. Helps protects against cracking and crumbling damage from dry soil and debris
2. Helps shield from permanent grout staining from accidental spills
3. Regular cleanings will be more effective because more soil and oils will be removed instead of being absorbed into the porous grout.