Pet & Other Odors

Carpet and Upholstery cleaning alone does not address odors. An odor treatment service must be used in conjunction with the cleaning.

Our odor treatments are NOT a cover-up deodorizer fragrance or scent. Our products attack and help to neutralize the odor(s) at its source. They don’t have a strong over-bearing smell.

We offer 2 treatment options and depending on the situation, 1 or both treatments can be used.

Option #1 –
Our Exclusive “Flush -N- Rinse”

A deep treatment designed to target below the surface into the carpet padding or deep into cushions or mattresses.

This treatment cannot be performed on an entire room, mattress or piece of furniture. The location(s) must be known. It’s ideal for 1-5 small spots or areas. For more areas, our surface treatment should be considered as a single treatment or as a combined treatment.

Our Exclusive Process:

Step 1 – Saturate area/spot with special urine treatment solution.
Step 2 – Allow enzyme based product to work its magic for about 10 min.
Step 3 – Flush the area with hot, high pressurized water to dilute and release the urine.
Step 4 – Rinse & Extract area using a special hand sub-floor tool connected to our truck mounted equipment to remove maximum urine, water and solution from the carpet padding up, or from as far into the cushion/mattress as we can possibly get.

Repeat all steps until maximum extraction is reached.

Option #2 –
Surface Odor Treatment

Used when location is unknown or when there are too many areas to treat with the Flush n Rinse

This option is designed to treat just the surface and a little below. It does not reach deep down therefore, odors may still remain after this treatment. However it can significantly help reduce the strength of the odor, if it can’t completely eliminate it.

Our Process:

Step 1 – Saturate the surface with the treatment solution

Step 2 – Agitate for the complete surface contact and adds time for the neutralizing process

Step 3 – Rinse & Extract repeatedly flushing with hot water


Spurling's Carpet CleaningSpurling’s Carpet Cleaning does NOT GUARANTEE or warranty a successful removal of any odor or any pet related spots/stains (urine, blood, feces, vomit) from carpet or upholstery, due to its damaging nature. However, we’ve had many of successful treatment. The complete removal depends on so many factors beyond our control. If we can’t completely remove it, we can usually make it look and smell much better.


Cats and dogs who tend to urinate in the corners or along the edges of carpeted rooms, can penetrate walls and the carpet tack strip below the carpet which is wood and will absorb urine. Repeated urination or a soaking urination can also penetrate the floor boards below the carpet padding and get trapped there. When this happens, the only solution is to have the carpet and padding removed, replace the floor boards or have them sealed, seal the wall with a paint sealant where the urine is located and be sure to replace all carpet tack strips too.